How it works?

ECA works alongside existing operator billing platforms

Application Basics
Intuitive and Resposive Interface
Manage thousands of cost centres
With Millions of call records
No third party software licensing required
Link to Operator Billing
Sources data directly from billing engines
Analyses rated and charged bills monthly
Scales to millions of billing records per enterprise
Management & User Reporting
Produces 35 standard reports
Customisable reports easily produced, scheduled and automatically run.
Information Export & Linkage
Data exportable in multiple formats (csv, excel, pdf, word)
Information linked to other ERP systems

Quick & Easy Deployment

- For Operators -
Light-touch Integration

With an open and extensive means of data capture, our application can directly connect to billing portals, core OSS systems, or customer on-premise equipment as appropriate. Time to deploy is minimal.

Operator Hosting

Our white-label solution can be hosted at an operator’s data centre or at a customer site, as circumstances dictate.

Staff Training

With intuitive interfaces, sales & service staff require minimal training to familiarise themselves with the system

- For Enterprises -
Quick Deployment

From initial Demo to full deployment can take as little as two weeks.

No Capital Expenditure

Enterprises can choose an operator hosted solution, with no up-front capital investment.

Easy to Use

Intuitive web interfaces require minimal training and no technical knowledge of the underlying systems.

Application Features

Enterprise Telecoms Analytics provides all of these features and benefits as standard. Custom features can be deployed on request.

Blended Call Analytics
All fixed and mobile call information on a single dashboard.
Drill into all individual call records or cost-centres, monitoring charges and enforcing policies.
Monthly and daily trend data available by cost and call volume.
Usage Threshold Reporting
Run multiple customised reports. e.g. Report on all users with “out of package” calls above a certain level.
Issue report to end-user and rolled-up report to Group administrator.
Total Telecoms Reporting
Run cost centre reports aggregating total monthly fixed and mobile charges.
See Total monthly charges per service type.
Cost centres grouped to reflect organisational hierarchy.
Capacity Planning – Fixed Line IP
See concurrent channel usage on fixed line estate.
Plan adjustments to circuit infrastructure or Bandwidth requirements.
Fixed Line Rationalisation
Identify redundant fixed line estate.
Report on all under-utilized infrastructure.
Infrastructure Planning
Quickly survey fixed line and mobile estate.
Review rolled-up report of services, usage & charges by cost centre
Cost Re-allocation from Single Bill
Re-allocate centrally billed charges to individual cost centres, bill splitting.
Bill Plan Optimization
Survey mobile estate.
Identify opportunities to optimize bill plans.
Call Tagging
Tag calls for Personal vs. Business usage.

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