Available as a white-label SaaS service, our Billing Analytics application provides fully integrated visibility and management reporting tools for all fixed & mobile services and charges.

The problem – complex enterprise billing

Operators struggling to bring together total telecoms usage and cost with comprehensive enterprise reporting & analysis tools risk impacting not just customer satisfaction but also the effectiveness of their sales and service teams
Disparate operator billing systems can hinder clear account visibility & affect responsiveness of sales & service teams.
Lack of detailed account analysis can lead to failure to identify up-sell, cross-sell & optimisation opportunities.
Lack of visibility and effective reporting tools can lead to mismanagement of enterprise customer accounts.

The solution

Enterprise Cost Analytics
Our Enterprise Cost Analytics (ECA) application seamlessly connects to disparate Operator billing systems, consolidating total telecoms services, usage and billing charges into a single, integrated, easy-to-use, web-based analytics and management reporting platform.

Operator benefits

Enhanced billing analytics provides multiple benefits for Operators
Better Brand Positioning
offers a practical proof point for seamless fixed and mobile service delivery
Lower Cost to Serve
reduces billing query volumes for sales & service teams
Improved Account Planning
provides all information required for account planning
Higher Revenue
Improves opportunities to win new business and retain existing business
Greater Customer Loyalty
Improves Net Promoter Scores & customer retention rates
More Up-sell & Cross-sell
Improves account visibility enabling opportunities for services & infrastructure optimisation


We have worked with Vodafone Ireland as an IP solutions partner since 2006.

In 2013 they deployed our Enterprise Telecoms Analytics solution, integrating all of their disparate fixed and mobile billing data onto a single integrated web-based analytics & reporting platform.

To date the solution has been rolled out for their largest enterprise and government customers.

Transformational Projects Manager, Vodafone Enterprise Market

Soft Telecom provide our Enterprise and Government customers with the information that they require, in an easy-to-understand format, and with the tools they need to quickly and easily assess and manage their total fixed and mobile estate.

Primary Users

ECA is of primary benefit to Enterprise Telecoms Sales & Service teams

Operator Sales Teams

A value-added service supporting acquisition and retention opportunities for sales, pre-sales and solutions teams.

Operator Service Teams

A means to overcome the complication of dealing with disparate billing information sources and provide answers to customer queries instantly.