PROBLEM – Struggling to manage total telecoms billing information

Without a means to clearly see, analyse and automatically allocate all telecoms charges to relevant cost centres, enterprises spend valuable time in manual analysis & internal processing
Improve Visibility
Separate bills for individual services, or shared service packages, can hinder clear visibility of individual cost-centre usage and charges.
Improve Intelligence
Deprived of intelligence to make accurate fact based decisions, enterprises struggle to effectively audit and optimise services.
Improve Control
An automated full management reporting suite provides detailed cost centre visibility and frees up time to concentrate on more strategic communications priorities.


Our solution can add value for enterprises in multiple ways
Audit Inventory
Provides full visibility of all services, usage & costs
Free-up Resources
Shortens analysis cycles from days to minutes
Analyse Trends
Evaluates trends to improve decision making
Right-size Services
Ensures offices & staff are on appropriate service plans
Automate Reporting
Automates end-user reports
Track Compliance
Identifies un-authorized non-compliant behaviour
Promote Governance
Enables cost-centres to self-manage usage & charges
Improve ROI
Enables more effective cost-control & better telecoms ROI

Enterprise Clients

  • Colm Scannell,
    Head of IT, Grafton Group

    Thanks for the Analytics software, it’s exactly what I required. It replicated everything that I had built in our own BI tool and actually has a lot more features. This will make our monthly billing process a lot less time consuming. As you can imagine trying to analyse 50 branch locations can be quite difficult.

Enterprise Primary Users

ECA is of primary benefit to Finance, Procurement & IT teams
Finance & Procurement Teams

Enables quick cost-centre reporting & promotes better governance

IT Team

Provides complete estate & usage visibility, and facilitates data-driven insight for service and infrastructure optimisation.